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New Braunfels Tubing On The Comal River!

Here’s How it Works!

 Check in to get a city wristband, gear up, and hop on one of our continuously running shuttles to the river. To Float time is about 2 -3 hours.  You can also exit half way. There are a few tube chutes along the way. ( A tube chute is an area where water is diverted from the river into a winding channel.) Otherwise its a pretty calm float.  Exit when you see the signs “Last Public Exit”. Head to the Comal Tubes Pickup Spot and Our Shuttles take you back to your car.

Check the 2017 Comal River Rules Before You Arrive

The Comal is Spring Fed, so Its Crystal Clear, and 72 degrees Year Round!

 The Comal River Has an Average Depth of 3 – 4 ft.

 New Braunfels Tubing at its finest! The Comal River Tubing Conditions are great for families, and perfect for kids! With an average depth of 3-4 ft, and calm flowing waters, it’s sure to be fun for all. There are also areas which are only a couple feet deep where kids can play. The river’s water is 72 degrees year round, and Crystal Clear like the image above!

Our Shuttle drops you off at Prince Solms Park, the main entrance of the river. You will enter the water just upstream of the world famous Tube Chute.  The float is 2 hours long or so.  A few hundred yards after the last public exit, the Comal River, pours into the Guadalupe River Tubing Area. In total, its Just over 2 miles long, making it, according to Guinness Book of World Records, the “Longest, Shortest River in the World”. (Confused Yet?) Watch the video, to see what its like.

Visit Our Gift Shop!

Or Gift Shop stocks everything you need to have a Fantastic Tubing Experience. Drink Containers, Koozies, Sunscreen, Towels, Apparel, Water Guns, Sunglasses, Sunglass floats, Soda, Snacks, Ice, Waterproof Boxes, Waterproof Cameras, Souvenirs, Shirts, Shorts, Hats, Water Toys, And More! Not to mention, the friendliest, most knowledgeable staff in town.

Play our River Float Game! “Toob Time”

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Rent a Party Bus for your day on the river!

Bring a group of Friends!  Everyone knows that a Party Bus is the Ultimate way to Get to your favorite outfitter and safely back home.  They’ll pick up your group anywhere in Texas. They can service pretty much any size group with their impressive fleet. You’ll also get Group Tubing Rates for your float. Most importantly, you need no designated driver, They gotcha covered!


Comal River Tubing Rates:

Rentals Include: 1 round trip shuttle with regular tube and free parking when available.  Parking is on a first come first served basis..

$2.00 river management fee per person is not included with rental on weekends and holidays

(Shuttle Re-Rides are $10 ea)

Reservations Recommended for 20+  Call 830-476-7700 to book Groups.

tube regular

Regular Tube / Shuttle $15

tube cooler

Tube With Bottom $20

tube floating ice

Floating Ice Chest $20

tube personal

Bring Your Tube – Ride Shuttle  $10

Group Rates:


One person must pay for group to get group rates.  Reservations Required for 20+ Call 830-476-7700 to book.

Comal River Tubing Hours & Operating Schedule

Subject to Change due to Weather

click here for  up to date Comal River Conditions

Reservations Required for 20+

X = Closed  

Shuttles leave and return based on business and amount of people on the river and can change at any time of day.  Comal Tubes is not responsible nor offers any type of refund or discount if City of New Braunfels closes or slows down the allowment of tubers to access the river which would delay your wait to enter or exit the river.

(Children under the age of 3 are not permitted to tube)

Last Shuttle to River Week days: 2:30pm

Last Shuttle to River Weekends:4pm

Open October Weekends

 Sat & Sun 10am To 6pm


Comal River Conditions

The Float is very consistent. Great for Tubing, the river maintains a 72 degree temp year round. This is because the waters of the Comal come from underground springs. The result? The most refreshing float EVER!

These are live readings, they are updated every 30 seconds.  “Recreational,” Means Tubing is Good!  Come float with us.


We don’t offer Guadalupe River Tubing.  But, here’s the current condition.

Comal Tubes 

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