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Things to Do in New Braunfels, Texas

Activities in New Braunfels

Tube Chute

The New Braunfels City Tube Chute offers an exhilarating water slide experience for inner tubes, propelling riders around a dam on the Comal River. This attraction provides a thrilling escape from the scorching summer heat, allowing families to enjoy refreshing river activities together. Renting inner tubes for a leisurely float down the Comal River or nearby Guadalupe River is a popular way to beat the heat and bond with loved ones. The chute, located below Landa Park, promises excitement and fun, making it a favorite spot for Texans seeking relief from the hot summers. Visitors can repeatedly ride down the chute and cool off in the refreshing waters

Horseshoe Tubing

Horseshoe tubing refers to tubing done around a specific area of the Guadalupe River known for its distinctive horseshoe shape. This popular spot boasts easily accessible entrance and exit points, making it a favorite among recreationists. Unlike other tubing locations, returning to the starting point is a quick and easy walk, allowing for multiple rides without hassle. The Horseshoe attracts friendly crowds, offers nearby lodging and dining options, and provides affordable tubing without the need for shuttle services, making it a top destination along the Guadalupe River for tubing enthusiasts.

Comal Springs

Comal Springs in Texas serve as the source of the Comal River’s year-round temperature stability and crystal-clear waters. Despite being historically significant as a gathering point for Native American tribes, and holding remnants of indigenous treasures, the springs remain largely unexplored by tourists. However, they offer breathtaking natural beauty, opportunities for swimming and diving, and the chance to spot rare local fish species. Often overlooked by visitors to New Braunfels, these springs are integral to maintaining the Comal River’s unique attributes.

The Surrounding Areas

Canyon Lake Tubing

Canyon Lake in Texas might not be the first place that comes to mind for tubing, but it offers options for both lake and river tubing experiences. While the lake itself is mostly static, tubing on the nearby Guadalupe River provides excitement for tubing enthusiasts, with water released from the Canyon Lake dam creating the river’s flow. Alternatively, tubing can be enjoyed on Canyon Lake itself, where visitors can relax on floatation devices without needing to navigate a fast river. The proximity of the lake and river allows visitors to easily experience both in a single day, making it an ideal destination for camping trips. For those looking to enhance their tubing experience, consider checking out Comal Tubes for rental options and additional tubing adventures in the area. Whether floating on the calm waters of Canyon Lake or seeking thrills on the Guadalupe or Comal river, tubing enthusiasts are sure to find enjoyment in the scenic surroundings of Canyon Lake, Texas.

Frio River Tubing

Texas summers are undeniably hot, but there’s a refreshing escape waiting along the Frio River. Known for its cold, stunning beauty, and expansive seclusion, the Frio offers a tubing experience away from the bustling crowds. While the Guadalupe may be the go-to for parties, the Frio stands as Texas’ unspoiled gem, spanning 47 miles of secluded tranquility, adorned with limestone bluffs, towering cypress trees, and crystal-clear waters. It’s a river of remarkable diversity, promising a journey through breathtaking landscapes and serene solitude.

Texas Ski Ranch & Tubing Snow Park

The Texas Ski Ranch Snow Park in New Braunfels offers an exciting outdoor snowboarding facility, featuring slopes constructed with Astroturf to mimic real snow. Collaborating with Burton Snowboards, the park provides opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and terrain park training, catering to both beginners and advanced riders. Various programs are available, including learn-to-ride sessions, private lessons, open ride sessions, and group clinics, ensuring a comprehensive snowboarding experience for all levels. Additionally, tubing lanes, terrain parks, and birthday party packages add to the park’s attractions, making it an ideal destination for snow sports enthusiasts in Texas.