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Tubing New Braunfels River Conditions

Comal River Conditions
The river conditions for tubing in new Braunfels on the Comeau River are generally pretty consistent the river maintains a 200 cfs (cubic feet per second) flow, which is considered recreational status. The recreational threshold is between 100 and 500 cfs this means it’s safe for all activities and tubing will be open for all levels of swimmer
During times of heavy rain, runoff from nearby hills and streams will cause the river to rise, and flow rate to drastically increase. This can make any river activity questionable. 500-1000 cfs flows usually involve turbid water and debris floating in the river. The water is no longer clear, but is muddy, and therefore unsafe.

1000 cfs and above, the river will be closed due to extreme danger.

Guadalupe River Conditions
The Guadalupe River is different from the Comal river, in that, the water in the river is directly released from the Canyon Lake Dam. Currently Canyon Lake is only at 89% capacity therefore the authorities are limiting the water release from the dam. This makes tubing and other activities not so great. In fact, most areas of the Guadalupe River are so low, that you will need to carry your tube.

Here are the thresholds for Guadalupe River recreation;

100 – 500 cfs - Recreational flow – safe for all activities
500 – 750 cfs - Safe for all activities – caution to swimmers
750 – 1000 cfs - Tubing questionable – use extreme caution
1000 – 3000 cfs - No tubing – raft and kayak trips only
3000 cfs - Guided trips only

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