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Hinman Island

Tubing along the Comal is definitely one of the most popular activities in all of New Braunfels. Those tubing on the river can sometimes wish to unwind and relax after a long tubing session or just want to have some solid ground underneath their feet again. If you find yourself in such a situation often while tubing on the Comal River, you should definitely check out the Hinman Island.
This is a beautiful piece of land located on the side of the Comal River that welcomes any tubers or anyone wishing to enjoy its natural beauty. Most will enter the park while tubing on the Comal and looking for a break, but it’s also possible to enter it from land should you merely wish to treat yourself to a nice and calm place.
The so-called island hosts something called the Hinman Park that has many features for tourists and travelers looking to enjoy this lush piece of land. If you are looking for something to do in New Braunfels that involves visiting a place you might have never seen before, you can set up a wonderful picnic with your family and friends on one of the many picnic tables on Hinman Island or even on the grass throughout. While picnicking, you can enjoy the sight of the many tubers alongside the Comal River having fun in the water.
Hinman Island is constantly patrolled by the police and you should feel safe to leave your belongings wherever should you choose to go for a dip or continue tubing from the island. The island itself is a possible tubing entry spot, but you should first look to rent the tubing equipment from us before making your way to the island on the ground. We will happily let you take any equipment to Hinman Island so that you may use it at any point of your visit to the island and its park.
This is one of the nicer locations that tubers or anyone in New Braunfels can find themselves in. The park is very well-maintained and is clearly meant to welcome people to its premises, as evidenced by the fact that it can sometimes get crowded by a combination of visitors of all sorts. Oftentimes when tubing, we can find ourselves exhausted from the tubing experience and would like to rest someplace without going back to our starting point or forcing ourselves to finish the entire ride in one piece. The Hinman Island comes as a perfect solution for these needs as it doesn’t put a significant halt to your tubing ride, merely acting as a temporary stop on your journey.
Whether you are tubing on the Comal River and need to visit the restrooms featured on the island before continuing to enjoy the water activity or you are looking for a nice place in New Braunfels where you and your inner circle can relax and find some peace and quiet, Hinman Island might be the ideal choice when you consider its accessibility and people-friendly perks.

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