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Don’s Fish Camp

Don’s Fish Camp



Don’s Fish Camp is a hugely popular spot on the San Marcos River. While its name might imply that the camp is reserved for anglers, it acts more like a hub for floating enthusiasts and anyone looking to have a good time. There’s a whole lot that the camp offers depending on what you’re there for and what kind of fun suits you most.


The best tube rentals in San Marcos


It’s no lie – the camp specializes in providing a great tubing experience for anyone in the area. One of the things that make this place visited by so many people is the fact that it’s easily accessible from Austin, making it a go-to spot for quite a few recreationists and fun lovers in general.


Sadly, this also means that the lines can sometimes be considerable, meaning you should equip yourself with patience before getting to the camp. The wait is well worth it, however, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better entry point to the San Marcos River. The camp and its staff are quite dedicated to making tubing as easy on everyone there as possible, even if tubers and other recreationists sometimes have to wait a bit to get serviced.


Aside from affordable tube rentals, the camp also provides their own shuttle service which covers entry and exit points very efficiently. The parking fee is understandable considering how many people get there on a daily basis throughout the spring and summer.


The beauty of the river


Of course, everyone who has been to the San Marcos River knows the awesome sights and places one can find on it, from the so-called shotgun islands to the beautiful waterfalls. Moreover, the river is also a favorite of many in recent times as the Guadalupe can sometimes be too shallow. The float can last for several hours, giving you quite a bit of time to relax and enjoy the surroundings.


Don’s Fish Camp will make any float on the San Marcos River better, as they offer a lot of „last-minute accessories“ that help you enjoy yourself more while tubing. These usually involve refreshments, coolers, ice, radios and other types of gear. Not the same can be said for a lot of other places that only rent strictly tubing equipment, which is another of the camp’s many perks.


There’s also some good food to be had on-site, with several well-prepared meals to choose from if the tubing ride made you hungry. On the other hand, be careful about entering the river with a full stomach, especially if you’re going to be mixing it with some drinks – the ride can be turbulent in some places.


All in all, the camp remains one of the top tube rental locations in all of Texas. Over the years, it has slowly but surely expanded and now includes more features than ever – a trend that is sure to continue, given the popularity of the place.

So all in all Dons is Great, but you’ll need to compare that with Comal Tubes too!



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