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Schlitterbahn – Beach Country Waterpark – Corpus Christi (Padre Island)

Schlitterbahn – Beach Country Waterpark

Corpus Christi has a new water park. Partially opened in the summer of 2014, Schlitterbahn will bring a new wave of water fun to Corpus Christi. This will all happen in the midst of one of the worst droughts Texas has ever seen. This has concerned many residents that say the park will take more than their fair share of water from reservoirs that are well below the normal levels.

Jeff Henry, the brains behind the Schlitterbahn water park, tells a different story. For years, Henry has been developing water parks with water conservation in mind and has started many parks during times of drought. Henry designed a close looped system that allows the water parks to be filled once and then channel this water to do many different purposes. The water is filtered as it flows through the system.

The water park is being designed with other conservation efforts in mind. For example, another Schlitterbahn park in South Padre Island is surrounded by a 3-foot deep river that helps do the job of feeding water to the rest of the park. The current that is supplied by the river is fed by unseen pumps that fill and release more than 750,000 gallons of water that run through the system here.

With this in mind, Henry is designing the new Corpus Christi park to meet the demands of the drought while still allowing people to go somewhere and have a good time. The process that keeps water flowing inside the park without continuously draining precious resources is called Tranportainment, and is the base of doing more with less.

By using this system, water is re-used and the whole concept is in line with water conservation guidelines. For years, Henry has been developing a system that will allow people to still have a good time at a water park even when the area is driven by drought. The plans for the new water park in Corpus Christi are based on the plans that were used to build the South Padre Island Park.

This system uses drought resistant landscaping and on the windiest days water fountains are water lines are shut down to prevent any waste. The employees of these parks are also educated in the importance of water conservation. The efforts to have a water park that people can enjoy while still conserving water is a vision that Henry is making a reality.

The community of Corpus Christi is not as excited about the park as those who are building it. They propose that it would take too much water from the supply that is steadily dwindling. Henry argues back that it will take less to fill the park than people think and will bring money to the community. Once implemented, the park will not use any new water but recycle what it has.

Amidst one of the worst droughts Texas has ever seen are plans to continue to allow people to have some good old-fashioned fun. If there is to be a water park, some say let it be one like this that will give back to the community while following strict conservation efforts.

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