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New Braunfels Drive-In Movie Theater (Opening Soon)



Stars & Stripes has proclaimed that they will start constructing a drive-in movie theater in New Braunfels, Texas during the first quarter of 2015, which will be ready for opening during the summer. This drive-in theater is expected to be open year-round and will show digital first-run double-features nightly. It will have the largest movie screens in the state of Texas, and two of the screen towers are proposed to be more than 90 feet in width.

The New Braunfels drive-in movie theater will be the second drive-in movie theater by Stars & Stripes. They built their first drive-in theater in Lubbock in 2003, which later became the world’s first theater with an all-digital multi-screen outdoor experience. Now the drive-in theater at New Braunfels will be the second all-digital drive-in movie theater by Stars & Stripes.


Upon completion, this will be the only drive-in movie theater within a distance of a 150 mile radius of New Braunfels. It will be located near the intersection of FM 1101 and Kroesche Lane on 30 acres of land. This is about a mile from Freiheit Country Store and 9-Pin Bowling Club.


While guests are seated in the comfort of a car, they will enjoy bright digital movie projection. The movies can also be watched in lawn chairs outside with family and friends. The location is convenient, and the movie-goers can see the stars and other beautiful things around. In order to enhance the movie-going experience, it will not just be a drive-in theater, but the movie-goers will also be served Rockin’ Eats from the 1950’s café built by Stars & Stripes. There is also a playground and patio area for the kids and guests to play in and enjoy. The kids can even swing and watch the movies at the same time. Every movie can be enjoyed in a unique way by all at the Stars & Stripes drive-in theater.

It is anticipated that all the newest movies can be watched by movie-goers. Unlike in the past, there will not be a wait for many months to watch a new movie. The screens will have first-run double features. All kinds of movies including action, family and comedy movies will be shown at great values. Tickets will be priced per person at affordable prices, but it will be free for younger kids.

Sound Quality

The FM stereo dial can be tuned to a particular frequency to enjoy the sound from the stereo speakers of the vehicle. This is contrasting to the traditional approach of piping sound via a speaker box outside the vehicle in drive-in movie theaters. The result is that the sound quality is much enhanced.


A drive-in movie theater experience brings back childhood memories for many people, even though there has been a tremendous improvement in technology during the current era. A collective experience of watching movies, car seating, good food and outdoor enjoyment can be experienced by going to a drive-in movie theater, and due to that, it is very inviting to most people. It can create long-lasting memories in the years to come.

Most things that infuriate movie-goers are avoided at a drive-in movie theater. Privacy can be enjoyed since the movie can be watched from within your car. Hence your texting or talking on the phone will not be a nuisance to others and vice versa. Even dogs are permitted in a drive-in movie theater, and you will find sufficient space to place lawn chairs in the parking spaces – all of these benefits are not usually available in traditional theaters.