May 14th, 2012



Q. Where is the shuttle drop off point at the river and where is the end?
A. All outfitters drop you off at the Public Entrance to the river just upstream of the
Tube Chute, you can walk upstream even further for a longer ride. (follow the sidewalk)
Our Shuttle picks you up at the Last Public Exit of the river on Garden St. The exit is clearly marked from the river, when you see the signs for "Last Public Exit", paddle to the left and exit up the stairs. 


Q. How Long is the Float?
A. About 2 hrs. (this is the actual floating time, if you stop to hang out or swim, it will add to that time)


Q. Is there a fee to get on the river?
A. In 2014 the City of New Braunfels began to charge non residents $5 on weekends and holidays to enter the river. If you tube with us you dont pay that becuase, built into your rental fee is a $1.25 per person river management fee that we pay to the city.


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