May 14th, 2012



Q. Where is the shuttle drop off point at the river and where is the end?
A. Outfitters drop you off at the Public Entrance to the river just upstream of the
Tube Chute, you can walk upstream even further for a longer ride. (follow the sidewalk)
Our Shuttle picks you up at the Last Public Exit of the river on Garden St. The exit is clearly marked from the river, when you see the signs for “Last Public Exit”, paddle to the left and exit up the stairs, then look for Comal Tubes Signs, directing you to our pickup spot.


Q. How Long is the Float?
A. About 2 – 3 hrs. (this is the actual floating time, if you stop to hang out or swim, it will add to that time)


Q. Is there a fee to get on the river?
A. In 2014 the City of New Braunfels began to charge non residents $10 on weekends and holidays to park at Prince Solms Park and $5 to enter the river. If you tube with us you dont pay that becuase, built into your rental fee is a $1.50 per person river management fee that we pay to the city.




Tourism in New Braunfels is a great thing


Some of the residents of New Braunfels aren’t always too thrilled about the amount of tourists converging every summer. This is purely because they can often clog the city and make some spots that are part of our daily routine seem almost inaccessible. I’m not in this group of people, however, as I enjoy the thought of as many people as possible visiting the city. Sometimes, we can get lost in our city’s heritage because it is so rich and forget that the culture of other places can be just as interesting.

Most of the tourists in New Braunfels will end up being from other parts of America, especially Texas, but every year, year-long, you have the opportunity to meet fascinating people that come from all parts of the world, like Europe or Asia. Whenever me and my friends go out, I always like socializing with these visitors and learning more about where they come from and why they like New Braunfels. They are almost always very nice and friendly, and most of all, extremely respectful and appreciative of our city.

It seems that they always have a long list of reasons why they find New Braunfels awesome and why they’ll plan on visiting it again in the future. I can see the genuine fascination in their eyes as they describe places in New Braunfels that are mundane to us and it’s a real treat. We will often make some of these tourists part of our nightlife group and spend the entire night going around the city with them, showing them locations they might not otherwise see and giving them an inside look at what it’s like to live here. Even when their command over the English language isn’t the best, we end up communicating somehow, and the excitement on their faces is universal. They will often insist on paying for drinks and taxi rides to a point where we are almost forced to accept, which just goes to show how nice the people that visit us are – we should be thankful to have them around instead of being grumpy when they form long lines at our favorite establishments.




Parking around New Braunfels’ attractions can prove to be a hassle


No matter the awesome attraction or place that you are visiting in New Braunfels, there’s usually a less than awesome lack of parking spots there. This has almost grown to be an inside joke between us residents as we are aware of the difficulty involved with parking at the most popular spots. I could never quite tell why the owners of these establishments don’t actively seek to expand their parking lots as parking has long been an issue at almost every location that is somewhat popular.
It’s the worst in the summer because of how many people visit the city. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having our visitors over, but the ones that come from other parts of the U.S. will almost always do so with their own cars. This can make parking at some of these locations a nightmare as the American tourists will be eager to get a head start and will tend to take up parking as soon as the locations open for business.
I prefer visiting New Braunfels’ social places in a larger group of people, and this usually involves several vehicles, some of which are SUVs. More than one time, we have arrived to the location only to find every single parking spot taken, and then had to park somewhere down the road as nobody is willing to go home because of filled-up parking spots. It’s particularly noticeable when we are bringing a lot of accessories, like when we look to have a picnic at the Landa Park. Parking relatively far away from the location and having to carry all the picnic stuff on foot is a big hassle. While we generally know around what times the parking spots will be occupied, we can’t always free up our schedule in a way to accomodate this, so there’s a good possibility we end up having to park away from the place we are visiting. Of course, the effort is always worth the reward, as the places in New Braunfels never disappoint, but it would be nice if the arriving and leaving by car were a little easier and less physically intense.



Why the Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels is a must-see attraction

  Why the Schlitterbahn water park in New Braunfels is a must-see attraction

New Braunfels is, among other things, famous for our different water activities, but the one place offering those that nobody should skip while they’re here is the Schlitterbahn. It’s a family-owned water park that acts as the central of several parks located across Texas and Kansas, and it’s truly an attraction for tourists and us residents alike.

The park is fully adjusted to feature activities involving children of all ages, but since I visit it with my adult friends or family, we tend to focus on the perks and the most fun rides and sections, and we are never disappointed. We are provided with free parking every time we visit, and they don’t even have us pay for renting tubes and lifejackets on-site. It seems that it could take days trying to list every single feature of this park, so I’ll just focus on my favorite ones.

Every time I am there, I go straight for a ride called the Boogie Bahn. Since I have experience boogie boarding, this is a great opportunity for me to brush up on my boarding skills while having a great time. After this, I usually go for the Dragon’s Revenge ride. Of course, I enjoy tubing in one of New Braunfels’ clear rivers as much as the next person, but the tube rides in Schlitterbahn offer a whole other experience, in good part because of the effort the park owners put into designing the surroundings.

Yet another tubing ride that I greatly enjoy is called the Whitewater Tube Chute. Unlike the great city tube chute, this chute is a small and very fast ride that will surprise you if you are entering for the first time and give you many thrills even if you are one of the park’s seasoned veterans. After all this excitement, I usually end up fairly hungry. The park lets you bring your own food and beverages, except alcohol, letting you have a complete picnic with your friends, something that we often try to do as part of our visit. If you enjoy fast food, there is no shortage of hamburgers and pizzas that the park provides at reasonable prices, but try to avoid eating until after you’re done with some of the wilder rides.





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